below the fold

below the fold
below the fold beˌlow the ˈfold adjective [uncountable] COMPUTING
in the middle and bottom part of a web page, which you cannot see on the screen when you first open it:

• If you put the important content of your site below the fold, no one will find it, and they won't come back to visit it.

— compare above the fold

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below the fold UK US adverb
MARKETING, COMMUNICATIONS if information is below the fold in a newspaper, it is below the middle of the page where you cannot see it when the newspaper is folded: »

The newspapers clearly thought that the story wouldn't sell copies and placed it below the fold.

INTERNET if information is below the fold on the first page of a website, you must scroll down to the middle or bottom of the screen to see it: »

What is above the fold on a web page should be whatever it takes to motivate people to scroll below the fold.

Compare ABOVE THE FOLD(Cf. ↑above the fold)

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